Participating Personnel

    Seppo VainioProf. Seppo Vainio (male), First Time FET Participant, is a PI in Biocenter Oulu and Infotech Oulu research organization. He has published aver 130 original research arcticles and reviews. His Hirch index is 29 and his work has been sited more then 10 000 times. He has served as an invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences. Healso serves as referee in many international journals such as Nature, Cell, Development, PNAS, JASN. Nal. He has also organized international research congresses such as a symposia on Development, regeneration & Aging, Oulu 7-9. 2012 and served as session chair as in the interdisciplinary Argumenta Finnish Cultural Foundation funded symposia in Oulu 7-9. 2012, The Gordon Research Conference on mammary Gland Biology, June 1-6, (2008), Il Ciocco Hotel and Resort Lucca (Barga) and International Symposium for Gonad and Brain Sex Differentiation, Fukuoka, Japan (2008); The 1st Kumamoto University Global COE International Symposium on Cell Fate Regulation, January 16th, (2008), Fourth Swedish-Finnish Connective Tissue Meeting, Friday 13 April to Saturday April 14, (2007), Lund- Sweden World congress on nephrology, April, 21-25, (2007), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; ELSO – the European Life Scientist Organization meeting in (2007), Dresden, 1-4 September; Fourth course on “Genetics aFrom Developmental Genes to Dysmorphology. He had had substantial research funding from academy of Finland, European union and he is PI in the Academy of Finland Centers of excellence and a Coordinator of EU project “Wnt and stem cells” (QLK3-CT-2001-01275)(2001-2004) 7. International Prizes &Awards &Academy memberships: Centre of Excellence of Academy of Finland. He has hosted FiDIpr Susan Quaggin in his lab and also worked as visiting distinguished Prof. of Ulm Univ., 2013-, Prof. Pool grant 2012-2013, Biocenter Oulu. As awards he has selected as a discovery of the year 2011, Physiologist of the year in Finland (1999), Discovery of the year in Biocenter Oulu (1999, 2004, 2009, 2010 rank position). He has granted such as “Induction of kidney tubule formation, U.S. patents No 09/937,735, Wnt signalling in reproductive organs, U.S. patent No 00246/232001. Process for producing active Wnt proteins in prokaryotes. Finnish Patent application FI 20040842”.

    Genevieve BartDr. Genevieve Bart (female), First Time FET Participant,  is currently a senior project researcher in the Vainio group. She received a degree in Biology from the university of Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1986 and a PhD in Animal Biology from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1992. Her main expertise is cell and molecular biology and she has been working in molecular parasitology (University of Glasgow), Neurobiology, Hyaluronan in skin and cancer development (University of Eastern Finland) and since she joined the Vainio group in 2013, she has been investigating the cargo of several types of exosomes using RNA-seq and other omics approaches. 

    Anatoliy SamoylenkoDr.Anatoliy Samoylenko (male), First Time FET Participant, Adjunt. Prof. in the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of Oulu University (2017). He studied Biochemistry at Kiev Taras Shevchenko University in Ukraine and received his master degree in 1998, he went on to do a PhD in Goerg-August University in Göttingen, Germany (2000-2003) on the identification of normoxia-responsive elements in promoters. He work as researcher in Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg, Germany until 2007 and as Postdoctoral Researcher and then Senior Researcher in Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Science of Ukraine in Kiev until in joined the Vainio group in Oulu in 2013 Where he has been working on kidney cancer and exosomes and the role of hypoxia in Exosome secretion, exosome purification and cargo specificity, in normal kidney cell and Renal carcinoma cells in hypoxic and normoxic condition. He also participated in a project aiming to identify exosomes secreted by kidney and brain cells in response to radio frequency signals.

    Jingdong ShanDr. Jingdong Shan (male), First Time FET Participant, has a B. Sc. (1985) from the Biology department of Nanjing University (China),  M. Sc.(1988) in Biochemistry from shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Academia Sinica and a PhD from Biocenter Oulu and WHO collaborating Center, University of Oulu awarded in 2002. He is author or co-author of 22 peer-reviewed publication in international journals. His main expertise is molecular cloning, including for the production of transgenic animals (mice), he is a specialist of gene targeting, CRISPR/CAS gene editing, cell culture and reporter gene analysis

     Ilya SkovorodkinIlya Skovorodkin, PhD (male), First Time FET Participant, is a senior postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of developmental biology, University of Oulu (since 2006). He has got his PhD in Biology in 1994. He has solid background in Cell and Molecular biology and his main fields of expertise in the laboratory of Professor Seppo Vainio concerns with organoid-related work and high resolution confocal microscopy. He has also solid expertise in in vivo experimental approach (mostly on mice as animal model). He earned a Certificate from: “Laboratory animal course for researchers in 2010. He has generated several lines of transgenic mice and developed a mouse model to study renal failure in mice. He also invests a lot of efforts in developing an avian embryonic model as a source for xenotransplantation of mammalian embryonic organs and organoids. He has published over 40 research articles. He is member in EuRegene (LSHG-CT-2004-005085), StarTrek and (FP7-HEALTH 2007-B) and EURenOmics (FP7-2007-2013-305608) research consortia and coordinator of ITN Renaltract program (N°642937).

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