Molecular MIMO Competition at the IEEE Communication Theory Workshop (IEEE CTW 2019)

    Testbed Picture 1024x513

    The 2019 IEEE Communication Theory Workshop (IEEE CTW 2019) will be held on May 26 – 29, 2019, in Selfoss, Iceland. As always, the workshop will be single track with technical sessions, plenary speakers, panel discussions, and a hot-topics submitted poster session. The technical sessions will consist of invited lectures given by leaders in both academia and industry. As a novelty, a competition will be held at IEEE Communication Theory Workshop this year. The contestants should design a molecular MIMO detection method based on measurements from a macro-scale testbed. The task is to design a molecular MIMO communication detection method using datasets that contain real measurements. Possible solutions may include classic approaches (e.g., thresholding-based detection) as well as deep learning-based approaches. Test-sets will be utilized to evaluate the best performing detection method. The goal is to minimize the bit error rate (BER) of all test sets.

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