GLADIATOR consortium members from OULU participated 1st EVs Clustering Event in Palermo

    Fet event logoOn November 6, 2019, the 5 ongoing FET funded European projects on EVs: INDEX, VES4US, EVFOUNDRY, GLADIATOR and MINDGAP met in Palermo together with relevant people in the world of extracellular vesicles to celebrate the 1st EVs Clustering Event. GLADIATOR was represented by Prof. Seppo Vaino represented.

    The event broadcasted the first part live through the social networks of the VES4US project. The five projects funded by the European Commission’s FET-OPEN Programme presented themselves during the first part of the event. The session was introduced by Giuseppe Martini, FET expert and founder of Bioestella who spoke about Horizon Europe perspectives, and closed by Barbara Gerratana, project officer of INDEX and VES4US who talked about the new EIC and its offerings.

    The day continued with two round tables on two hot topics for EVs research: EVs-production of High-Grade formulations: technologies and sources, sustainable, appealing for the society and environment and Applications of EVs: biomedical use, nutraceutics, cosmetics. And finished with a THINK OUT OF THE BOX session in which the invited external panellists from Biostella, Nanoview BioSciences, IntrepidaBio, Anasysta and Fondazione Ri.MED exchanged views on the EVs market and then judge the exploitation activities and innovation stories of the five FET projects: INDEX, VES4US, EVFOUNDRY, GLADIATOR and MINDGAP.

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    This event is of great importance because it is the first in which projects financed by FET-Open join with the same theme, the Extracellular Vesicles and their sound relevance in EU research agenda. The main action of the day was the signing of the letter of intent by the 5 coordinators of the project in which:

    “The undersigned coordinators of the 5 running FET-Open projects featuring extracellular vesicles (EVs) science and technology […] commit to deliver a shared “EV manifesto” by November 31st 2019 highlighting the non-incremental, foundational promises of these Precision Nanoparticles 2.0, which are poised to EVs are reshaping our perspective on life sciences, environment and public health.”

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